Daily Archives: January 14, 2017

Give Me A Break! Tips on Maintaining your Truck’s Breaks

Proper brake maintenance is vital to a safe fleet. Whether you’re an owner-operator, or part of a fleet, checking your brakes helps avoid any accidents or lawsuits. Follow these tips to make sure your brakes are all top-shape.

  1. Replace Parts: during your brake exam, make sure you check for any worn parts in need of replacing. These parts include brake pads (which should be replaced regularly), linings, hoses, and s cams. All these parts work together to make the truck stop, so it is imperative that they are up to date.
  2. Check the Air Compression Pressure Gauge: make sure your air compression pressure gauge runs between 100 psi and 125 psi. This is the ideal amount of pressure for your brakes to work properly. If your gauge is below 60 psi, it should not be driven. Make sure you check your gauge before you hit the road to avoid any accidents.
  3. Grease Up: a couple parts on your brakes should be greased. The first is the slack adjusters, which keep the brakes in alignment when they are in use. The second are the S Cams, which push the brake shoe into the wheel drum to stop the truck. While they do not have to be greased regularly, they should be checked that they are properly greased to keep them working well and prevent your brakes from seizing up.