Truckers: Make Your Cab More like Your Home

Let’s be real, your truck is your home away from home, so shouldn’t it feel like it? One way to to avoid missing home as much is to make your cab as much like your real home as possible. A lot of these items will be one-time purchases, so invest in yourself a little bit! Since you probably don’t do a lot of spending on other home supplies, getting yourself a few nice things for your cab can make all the difference.

A few easy things you can get to spruce up your cab are

  • Good quality bedding!
    • The best part of being home is getting to lay in your own bed, so treat yourself a little bit and buy yourself some high-thread count sheets, nice pillows, and soft blankets.
  • Decorations
    • Now, before you say that “decorating is waste of time and money,” think about if you walked into your house and saw no pictures of loved ones or completely blank walls. It would be weird, right? Spend a little bit getting some pictures printed, or a cool poster to brighten up the place.
  • Carpeting
    • Whether you measure out the dimensions of the flooring in your cab and get something that fits perfectly or you find some 1’x2’ carpet samples, your cab will go from industrial to comfortable with little to no effort. On a long trip you may be tempted to take your shoes off for a little while, and stepping down onto the floor feeling soft carpeting will make you forget you’re in your truck at all!

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